An evening with the Dictator.

According to the dictionary, dictator means: a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force.  The first part of this meaning does not apply to my daughter, but the second is spot on! My daughter has gained her power through force and will power.  She has been working her way through the ranks since the day of her birth.  She has slowly inched her way into the second most powerful rank in the Downes household.  Beneath my wife, she rules with an iron fist, taking no prisoners and sparing no mercy on her victims.  Her temper knows no limits and her keen wit allows her to stay two steps ahead of any opposing force. Although no one believes sweet angel Ava could be shrewd and relentless, I am here to bare witness.  Her transformation from sweet princess to uncontrollable bully, happens only nights that my wife goes to work.  My wife is a RN and works the night shift at a local hospital, and on these nights it’s like watching a man transform into a werewolf.  She runs around barking orders at myself, along with my son.  Her uncontrollable hunger can only tamed by macaroni and cheese.  If the mac and cheese becomes scarce, you must prepare yourself for the worst.  She will continuously throw objects at you until you give her what she wants.  Her attention can only be obtained by kids baking championship reruns on the food network channel.  One would think candy would be a solution of peace, but fooled you would be.  Certain candy must be obtained to tame the creature.  The preferable candy of peace making would be lollipops.  Lollipops allow for some negotiations, like, bath time, or cleaning up her mess, or even the unmentionable, bedtime. Many evenings have sounded like an unsatisfied customer at a five star restaurant.  “What is this nasty food?’, “My mac and cheese is too cold!”, “Daddy,GIVE ME A FORK!”, “Where is my milk?”, “Wipe my mouth”, Sometimes it may even sound like a nursing home, ” Daddy wipe my butt.” “Daddy wash my butt.” ” Daddy get my underwear, NOW!””Play uno now!” As I write this, Napoleon sleeps quietly in her chamber, awaiting for the morning, for when she can pounce on me, and demand Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.  Sleep tiny princess, Sleep.    

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