Lights. Camera. Action!

I feel like my kids say this phrase every time I get on the phone “Let’s act a fool”. Last night was such a circus, I can only sit back and laugh. My wife and I are selling our house, and we accidentally scheduled a showing during the time frame that I was suppose to be conducting an interview. Not wanting to be rude or kill the chance of a possible sale, we kept the time frame open for the potential buyers. Being the creative person that I am, I decided to take the kids to the park, along with the dog, while I conduct my interview. About an hour into the park, my children decided that it was time to go. The time was approximately 7:00 p.m., and my Interview was at 7:30 p.m. Now usually I would try and reschedule the interview or move it back an hour, but this interview was different It was with Tim Meuchel,author of,”The 10 Factor”. I picked up his book the night before, so that I could be prepared for the interview. I could not put down this book. It spoke right to me. So to say that I was excited to speak with Tim is an understatement. So we leave the park at 7 p.m. to get home before the 7:30 p.m. interview. As I am pulling up to the house, I notice that the potential buyers are still looking at the house, so I park in the community parking, near the shared space by the woods. I quickly start getting my equipment in place, checking sounds, and connections. Everything is good! I explain to the kids that daddy is going to be doing an important interview, and to behave in the common area,which is just a field by the woods. I tie up the dog to a tree in the common space, so that the kids can play with her. Everything will be fine. Well so I thought. As soon as my interview starts, the kids start running rampant. Running up and down the sidewalk next to the truck, climbing on the back bumper, screaming at the pitch of an opera singer. I can’t even explain it. Its like they have this sense about them, that makes them go crazy when I’m either on the phone, or doing an interview. At this moment, I am just trying to hold it together. I have an elite coach, author, and podcaster on my show, and I can’t maintain the focus to ask the questions that I want. I felt totally defeated. It wasn’t until my daughter comes up to my window, stares me right in the face, puts up her hand, and shows me a smashed worm in the middle of her palm, that’s when  I said to myself, ” You can’t take yourself too seriously.” Yeah, I had a big time interviewee on the phone, but life is about the small things. During this realization, both of my kids are hanging onto my truck, asking for the keys to go inside. Luckily, the prospective buyers had left and I was able to allow the kids to try and access the house. I quickly ask the question, “What has been your favorite failure?”, and quickly turn off the truck and hand them my keys. I thought they knew which key it was to get inside, but I was wrong. They sat outside screaming the entire rest of my interview. The dog began to bark and took a huge dump in the neighbors yard, and I am sweating my ass off in the truck, with the windows rolled up, trying to get a halfway decent interview on tape. The funny part is, that as soon as I wrapped up the interview, and walk over to them, they act like they could give a shit. As soon as my feet hit the front stoop, they run off and play, singing and dancing, acting like nothing happened. The kids won again! So when you listen to my episode with Tim Meuchel, in a couple of weeks, know that during this interview, my kids are acting a fool, the entire interview.

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