Building Self Confidence As An ENFP

Building Self Confidence As An ENFP

Self-confidence is belief in your social skills which make us better people. A healthy social life is defined by how we converse with different people at different occasions. ENFP’s personality traits are good socially, with a few setbacks that make them ineffective. Confidence leads to good performance at work due to team work. Good mental health as a result of healthy of relationships results to good yield. Self-development is a process that takes time and courage as it involves exploring new ideas.

The best way to build confidence is by building up on your weaknesses. You can identify your areas of weakness and strength through social interactions. Patients with ENFP traits have a problem with the completion of started projects. Interaction with people who have project management skills can develop this weakness. Conducting of projects can be learnt by the ENFPs helping them in their project management skills. ENFPs are good at starting projects, they should be as good at completing them. To build self-confidence, you should be aware of your weakness then accept them to be able to work on them.

ENFPs find it difficult to focus

Overthinking and getting stressed easily is rapidly witnessed among ENFPs which may lead to mental health problems. Stress is as a result of emotional attachments to people surrounding them who may need attention or time. Such can be solved by being open to friends and family via sharing of thoughts. Overthinking can be solved by trying out new things outside the daily norm. In this way the mind is free to roam, refresh and experience new ideas. The new platform allows you to plan afresh for the old plus upcoming tasks.

ENFPs find it difficult to focus on the task at hand for a long time. This is caused by drifting too many interests and attachments around them. Taking breaks in the middle of sessions is a good remedy towards this. Going on vacation after long semesters is a good way to refresh and take a breath. Proper planning helps you to be more focused by time allocation to difficult tasks, it helps you to be more organized. Avoiding distractions is a helpful way to avoid loss of focus.

Building Self Confidence As An ENFP

They tend to seek approval from others instead of believing in themselves. Other people’s opinions matter to them, they tend to adapt to them instead of following their own. Approval may be positive or negative causing an impact on the person. Negative feedback may lead to low self-esteem and disbelief in your work. Overconfidence arises from positive approval, which may not really be true. Disappointment is easy when we are over ambitious therefore it is good to set goals leading you to your objective.

It is not easy to identify ENFP syndrome as they are very social and friendly people. Results in work are what can be used to identify as their projects or tasks at hand are usually delayed. They also take time to relax and this may lead to wastage of time. Being flexible helps them to adapt to new environments of work making them good employees.